Give your Sales Reps the opportunity to sell more.
Boost your sales by empowering them to start taking orders on the app instead of manually jotting them down on paper. Eliminate outdated price lists & marketing material. Keep your Sales Reps updated with latest products & prices & reduce backoffice order processing costs.

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Field Order Taking for Sales Reps
Now no more handwritten orders.
With the intuitive ordering interface, taking orders at the customers location is easy. I don't have to carry outdated price-lists. The products are available with a keypress search.

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Features at a Glance

Instant Setup

With Way2Order's smooth & user-friendly setup wizard, get up & running in minutes and start taking B2B orders.

Secure & Private

All your data is safe & private on Way2Order Secure Servers (Hosted on AWS)


API Integration

With our REST API you can easily integrate Way2Order with your favourite Accounting & ERP System.

Private Product Catalog

Includes multiple product categories & product photos, multi-level category nesting, keypress search & more.

Pricing Tiers

With multiple pricing tiers, you can have different prices for different groups of buyers.


Volume Pricing

Give your buyers the added advantage of ordering more quantities at a less price.

Enable your Sales Reps to spend more time in selling instead of manually writing orders on paper

Keypress Product Search

Quickly & easily find the product you are looking to order with our realtime keypress search.

List / Thumbnail View

Both products & categories can be configured to display as lists or as thumbnails.

Territory Management

Automatically Link Buyers & Sales Reps with territory management inside Way2Order.

Filter Products

One-click filters for selected category, badge or offers makes products more accessible.


Stock Information

Give your Sales Reps up-to-date information about the availability of an item, without having to call you.

Order Cart Sync

The order carts are synced in realtime to display updated cart information to all connected users.

Save time & reduce potential errors caused by redundant data entry

Multiple Order Carts

Now order urgently required items independently without having to remove items from your cart.


Pin Order Item

Pin an item to order to make sure that the pinned item is included in the processed order.


Order Item Notes

Your Sales Reps can now specify finer details / requirements from your buyer, for each individual order item.

Pending Orders/Items

Use the Adjustment Cart inside Way2Order to keep track of pending orders & pending order items.



Get the order submission geolocation to track the location from where the order was placed by your Sales Rep.

Push Notifications

Stay in touch. Receive a notification on your phone when the Sales Rep adds a new order.

Fast track your Sales Reps by keeping them updated with latest products & prices

Order History

View buyers order history. Also, view the items in their order cart (items which have not yet been ordered).

Order Activity

View step by step order activity for every change in the order status at different stages.

Export Orders

Eliminate manual entry by downloading new orders in XLS & PDF format. JSON & XML export also available.

Buyer Rating Tiers

Use our star rating to rate all your buyers. Certain features are available to buyers based on this rating.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Add multiple shipping addresses for your buyers to accurately dispatch to a specific address.

Auto Link Sales Reps

Based on territory, all your buyers & sales reps are automatically connected.

Stay ahead of the competition

How It Works

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Select Seller
    Start Seller Setup For Seller
    Select Option 1 - I'm a Seller

    After signing up, the first screen you see is the "Let's Get Started" screen. To start accepting orders, you need to become a 'Seller' on the Way2Order platform. Click 'Start Seller Setup' to continue.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Create Your Seller Profile
    Seller Setup Process For Seller
    Create Your Seller Profile

    Create your seller profile by entering in some basic information - Primary Contact, Company Name, Company Initials, Email Address & Postal Address Details.

    The email address field is very important & requires verification. Information regarding New Buyer Requests & New Orders will be received as an email on this address.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Select Product Attributes
    Seller Setup Process For Seller
    Select Product Attributes

    Select attributes as per your product range. Code, Name & Category are required attributes. You have an option to include all attributes while adding product data but only displaying a few of them to your buyers. Data for majority of these attributes can be imported by simply uploading an Excel (XLS) file.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Reorder Product Attributes
    Seller Setup Process For Seller
    Reorder / Rename Product Attributes

    The attributes you selected in the previous step are listed here. You can assign a custom name to these attributes e.g. 'Price 1' can be 'MRP' or 'List Price' & so on.

    If you already have your price-list in Excel format, you can reorder these attributes by dragging the column name badge and matching their order with the columns in your price-list. Or you can simply download the blank Excel template & add your products.

    Take care of the maximum characters & cell format. DO NOT reorder/rearrange columns in the Excel template file (downloaded from Way2Order).

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Import Excel
    Seller Setup Process For Seller
    Import Excel

    Browse your Excel file & Way2Order displays the Excel data for your review. The unique import values for attributes like code, category, tax-tiers & warehouses, is listed on the left. Errors, if any, are highlighted in red. A maximum of 1000 rows of data can be imported in one go.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Set Product Category Nesting Structure
    Seller Setup Process For Seller
    Set Product Category Nesting Structure

    The data import process, automatically creates categories by reading the 'Category' column in your Excel file & in this step you can group these categories into sub-categories & so on. Nesting categories are used for navigation purposes. They can contain both product categories (which are linked with products) and other nesting categories as children.

    Drag-n-drop the product categories under different nesting categories to define your product catalog category navigation. Maximum nesting depth level is 10.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Seller Dashboard
    Seller Setup Complete For Seller
    Seller Setup Complete

    That's it, your Seller Setup is now complete & your unique 8-digit, Way2Order App Code is generated. This App Code identifies you as a 'Seller' on the Way2Order platform and is the connecting link between you & your wholesale customers. Share this app code with your customers and invite them to place orders to you on the Way2Order platform.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Add New Buyer
    Add Buyer For Seller
    Add New Buyer(s)

    Add your buyers by entering in some basic information - Primary Contact, Company Name, Company Initials & Postal Address Details.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Define Buyer Settings
    Add Buyer For Seller
    Define Buyer Settings

    Define settings for every buyer. These settings include - Territory, Visibility Tier, Price Tier & Minimum Order Value. These settings can be changed later.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Start Taking Orders
    Seller Ready to Take Order For Seller
    Start Taking Orders

    Once you add your buyer, you & your Sales Reps can now place orders for that buyer using the Way2Order Web or Mobile App (for Android & iOS)

    Now say goodbye to phone & handwritten orders.
    Start Taking B2B Orders on the App.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Adding Users / Sales Reps
    Adding Users For Seller
    Adding Users / Sales Reps

    To add a 'User' to your 'Seller' Account, your 'User' should be registered on the Way2Order platform.

    Simply ask your colleague or team member to sign up for Way2Order (using the Web or Mobile Apps) & then select 'Option 3' to logout.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Search Registered User(s)
    Adding Users For Seller
    Search Registered User(s)

    You can now add a 'User' by searching for your colleague or team member with the mobile no. or email address that was used to sign up for Way2Order.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Defining User / Sales Rep Privileges
    Adding Users For Seller
    Defining User / Sales Rep Privileges

    If the search is successful, you should see the user details & will have an option to assign a user role. There are 4 types of users
    + Admin
    + Manager
    + Sales Rep
    + Distributor

    You can also define the privileges for each user. When you are done, click save to add the user & send that user a request. An SMS or Email is sent to the user to accept or decline the request.

  • Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Accept / Decline User Request
    Adding Users For User
    Accept / Decline User Request

    Once a request has been sent to a 'User', a popup dialog shows up on their next login. The user can choose to accept or decline the request. On accepting the request, the user can access that account as per the defined privileges.

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