Importing Excel Data

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You can import Excel data either during the 'Seller Setup' process or from the 'Products' section after the setup is complete. In both cases, download the Excel template provided by Way2Order as per your selected product attributes.

When you reorder attributes, your Excel template to import data also changes. Everytime you reorder the attributes, please download a fresh Excel template to import products. Excel template can be downloaded in the 'Products' section by clicking the 'Download Template' button.

The process to import Excel data includes the following steps

  • Download Latest Excel Template
  • Fill in the data
  • Browse & select the Excel file from the Way2Order Web App
  • If any errors are present in your Excel file, the app highlights those errors
  • Click import to add data to Way2Order Server.

Do not reorder the columns in the Downloaded Excel Template. Do not delete the header row. Make sure that the Product Attribute Cell Type (Text or Number) & Maximum Character Limit has been met. The App automatically truncates the excess text in every cell if the maximum characters exceed the limit.

Maximum 1000 rows of Excel data can be imported in one go. If your Excel file contains more than 1000 rows, then only the first 1000 rows will be imported from Sheet 1. Other sheets in your Excel file are not read.

  • Way2Order App : Seamless B2B Ordering Platform

When you import your Excel file, the Way2Order Web App, highlights the errors in red in case the data in the Excel file does not match the standard set by Way2Order. The App automatically generates unique Codes, Categories, Warehouses, Tax Tiers etc. and displays them on the left.

Data Mapping (Merging New Data with Existing Data)

When you import Excel data from the 'Products' section, you get an additional dialog to map new data to existing data. Data mapping enables you to import new data for any category, warehouse or tax tier, which has already been defined by you, either during the previous import or otherwise and merge it with the existing category, warehouse or tax tier.

  • Way2Order App : Seamless B2B Ordering Platform

Data mapping does not work for the product attribute 'Code'. If your product or article code has already been defined or added in Way2Order & you wish to add additional variations for that 'Code', then you will have to manually insert that data by editing that 'Code' from the 'Products' section. If you import that 'Code' again in the Excel file, then the app will create duplicate 'Codes', wherein old variation will be included in the old 'Code' & new variations in the new 'Code'.

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