One App for Brands, Sales Reps, Distributors, Wholesalers, Dealers & Retailers

Way2Order is a flexible platform for both placing & accepting B2B orders (only orders, no payments). Using the same login credentials, you can become both a 'Seller' (for accepting orders) & a 'Buyer' (for placing orders). In fact, you can become multiple 'Sellers' & 'Buyers' on the same app. Switching mode between 'Seller' & 'Buyer' is just a click away.

With this convenience, you could be accepting orders from your buyers and at the same time placing orders to your suppliers from within the app.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Same App for Buyer and Seller

Instant Setup

With Way2Order's smooth & user-friendly setup wizard, get up & running in minutes and start accepting / placing B2B orders.

Secure & Private

All your data is safe & private on Way2Order Secure Servers (Hosted on AWS)


API Integration

With our REST API you can easily integrate Way2Order with your favourite Accounting & ERP System.

Detailed Settings

The Way2Order platform provides you complete flexibility to customise almost every aspect of the product catalog. We have detailed settings for product attributes and the order in which you want them to be printed. Which attributes to include in product pdfs and in order reports. Define your own badges for 'New Arrivals', 'Hot Selling Products' etc., Custom Stock Status & Territories.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Detailed Settings
Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Flexible Product Catalog
Flexible Product Catalog

Way2Order has been designed to cater to the requirements of varied industries. By selecting the attributes applicable to your product you can create a product catalog that suits your needs.

These attributes include - Product Code, Name, Category, SKU, Size, Ordering Unit, MOQ, Short Description, Packing, HSN Code, Warranty, Warehouse, Multiple Price Fields, Specifications, Feature List, Additional Links, Multiple Photos & Stock Status.

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Quick Setup with Data Import

No need to input product data manually. With our data import wizard, you can quickly & easily insert data in your Way2Order 'Seller' Account.

Simply upload your price-list in excel format (which you already have) & Way2Order automatically creates categories by reading the 'Category' column in your excel file. Errors, if any, in your excel file, arising due to compatibility with the Way2Order platform, are highlighted in red. Once the errors have been rectified, your data is inserted with just one click.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Quick Setup with Data Import

Private Product Catalog

Includes multiple product categories & product photos, multi-level category nesting, keypress search & more.

Pricing Tiers

With multiple pricing tiers, you can show different prices to different groups of buyers.


Volume Pricing

Give your buyers the added advantage of ordering more quantities at a less price.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Multi-level Category Nesting Structure
Multi-level Category Nesting Structure

Your Way2Order Product Catalog features multi-level category nesting structure. Every product can be added to multiple categories. Once these categories have been defined, they can be grouped using nesting categories.

Nesting Categories are used for navigation purposes. They can contain both product categories (which are linked with products) & other nesting categories as children.

Maximum nesting depth level is 10.


Offers & Schemes

Display information about active offers & schemes for your products.

Rearrange / Reorder Products

Arrange products based on their priority for every category, to highlight important products on the top of the list.

Generate Product PDF

One-click product PDF generation enables you to compile product data for easy sharing / printing.

Showcase Multiple Photos per Product

Bring colour to your product catalog & make it more engaging by showcasing multiple photos per product.

File Format - JPG
Maximum Filesize - 2 MB per photo
Photo Aspect Ratio - 1:1
Dimensions (W x H) - 800 x 800 pixels (Ideal)
Color - RGB
Resolution - 72 DPI

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Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Showcase Multiple Photos per Product


Define different colour custom badges to highlight products that are New, On Sale or with an Offer etc.


Define warehouse for every product for easy fulfilling of orders with our Itemised Quantity Report.



Define Universal Product Code for every product SKU. Then scan the barcode to add an item to the order.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Detailed Product Content
Detailed Product Content

Add details to your product catalog & make it more informative.

You can define
+ Product Short Description
+ Product Features (as a bulleted list)
+ 2-Column Specification Table
+ Links to External URL's

Once your product details have been defined, you can generate pixel-perfect Product Datasheet PDF with just one click. You have complete control to include 'All Printable Fields' or 'Only Public Printable Fields'. Not only this, you can even reorder the sections both for preview & in the pdf's.

Product Variations

All options for a product are grouped together for easy accessibility. Variation grouping by attribute is also available.

Multiple Categories

Every product in Way2Order can be in multiple categories, making it much more accessible for the user.


Product Videos

Display Product Videos within Way2Order by directly linking videos from YouTube & Vimeo.

B2C Style Ordering Experience

Way2Order brings a B2C styled ordering experience for your wholesale customers. Categories & Products can be viewed as both lists & thumbnails. Create custom badges to highlight new arrivals, hot selling & products on clearance sale etc. Further improve this experience with keypress search.

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Way2Order B2B Ordering App : B2C Style Ordering Experience

Keypress Product Search

Quickly & easily find the product you are looking to order with our realtime keypress search.

List / Thumbnail View

Both products & categories can be configured to display as lists or as thumbnails.

Territory Management

Automatically Link Buyers & Sales Reps with territory management inside Way2Order.

Filter Products

One-click filters for selected category, badge or offers makes products more accessible.


Stock Information

Give your Sales Reps and/or Buyers up-to-date information about the availability of an item, without having to call you.

Order Cart Sync

The order carts are synced in realtime to display updated cart information to all connected users.

Multiple Order Carts

Now order urgently required items independently without having to remove items from your cart.


Pin Order Item

Pin an item to order to make sure that the pinned item is included in the processed order.


Order Item Notes

Your buyers can now specify finer details / requirements for each individual order item.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Receive New Order Email and Download as PDF or XLS
Receive New Order Email & Download as PDF or XLS

When a new order arrives, you receive a notification on your mobile & an email in your inbox. This email contains a link to preview the order directly in the browser, without logging in to the Way2Order platform. Simply click the link and the new order details are presented to you along with the message sent by your buyer.

This order preview page also contains direct links to download the order as a PDF or an XLS file. Click the links below to see how pixel perfect the order looks, in both these formats.

Also note that in XLS format, the formula (Quantity x Price = Total) is working for every line item.

Pending Orders/Items

Use the Adjustment Cart inside Way2Order to keep track of pending orders & pending order items.



Get the order submission geolocation to track the location from where the order was placed.


Custom Order Fields

Customise the platform by defining custom fields for order submission & order completion.

Push Notifications

Stay in touch. Receive a notification on your phone, when a new order arrives.

Multiple Order Statuses

Our predefined order statuses cover all possible scenarios in the order fulfilling process.


Custom Order Status

Define Custom Order Statuses to give step by step information to your buyer about their order.

Order History

View buyers order history. Also, view the items in their order cart (items which have not yet been ordered).

Order Activity

View step by step order activity for every change in the order status at different stages.

Export Orders

Eliminate manual entry by downloading new orders in XLS & PDF format. JSON & XML export also available.

Itemised Quantity Report

Not sure about the total quantity per product you require to fulfil any given orders? Our one-click Itemised Quantity Report helps you to solve this problem. Check the orders that are ready to be fulfilled & instantly get the totals on a per product per size basis for the items included in all the selected orders.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Itemised Quantity Report
Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Projection Report
Projection Report

Your wholesale customers would be adding items to their order carts on a regular basis. Since any item added to the order cart is saved instantly, your wholesale customers can keep on adding items to the cart everyday but place order at their convenience once or twice a month, or as the case may be.

To enable you to make your production & purchase forecasts with confidence, our one-click projection report adds up the order carts of all your wholesale customers & lists the totals on a per product per size basis.

One-click Reports

Advanced real-time reporting enables you to make production & purchase forecasts with confidence.


Google Drive

Give stock information to your buyers & sales reps by uploading a spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

Approved Buyers

Only the buyers you approve, can view your catalog & place orders. You control what products & pricing they see.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Custom Settings for Every Buyer
Custom Settings for Every Buyer

With Way2Order, you control what products & pricing your buyers see. You can define upto 25 different prices for every product and then assign a different price to different buyers. Minimum order value & the territory to which the buyer belongs can also be set. Based on the assigned territory, your buyers are automatically linked to your Sales Reps operating in that territory.


Custom Buyer Fields

Customise the platform by defining custom fields for buyers & making that information available during the order process.

Pricing Groups

With multiple pricing tiers, you can show different prices to different groups of buyers.

Keep Buyers Updated

With our one-click publish feature, you do not have to worry about outdated price-lists & wait for new product brochures to be printed.

Buyer User Group

Your buyer signed up with Way2Order can also have a small team to 2 additional users for free.

Buyer Rating Tiers

Use our star rating to rate all your buyers. Certain features are available to buyers based on this rating.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Add multiple shipping addresses for your buyers to accurately dispatch to a specific address.

Customised Banner to Invite Your Buyers

After setting your account on the Way2Order platform to start accepting orders, the first thing that you'll need to do is to invite your wholesale buyers. We provide you with our standard invitation template with your Company Name & your Way2Order App Code. Even your distributors are covered. The invitation template for distributors' highlights their Company Name & their Distributor Code.

On the Way2Order mobile apps, these invitations can be sent as a WhatsApp Message or an iMessage with just one tap.

We encourage you to share this invitation banner with your wholesale customers via WhatsApp, email or through social media platforms.

Invitation Banner Template & Share Options

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Customised Banner to Invite Your Buyers

Buyers Order History

Data for every orders is saved in Way2Order thereby enabling you & your buyers to view the order history.

Order Activity to Buyers

You can now display step by step information to your buyers about the status of their order.

Order Priority

The priority for every order can be set to Low, Medium, High or Urgent.

Buyer Notifications

Send push notifications to your buyers when you complete their order.

Send Order Information

Custom information can be sent to your buyers when you mark their order as complete.

Auto Link Sales Reps

Based on territory, all your buyers & sales reps are automatically connected.

Way2Order B2B Ordering App : Distributor Network
Distributor Network

Your distributors can take full advantage of the Way2Order platform, while keeping their dealer network private and not visible to their 'Supplier' i.e. you. They are allotted their own 'Distributor Code', to enable their dealers to directly send request to them. They can generate 'Projection Report' for their own orders. Option to share the network with you, is also available to your distributor. The product catalog is managed by you. Your distributor is also your buyer & can also place an order to you using Way2Order.

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