Adding / Inviting Buyers

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'Buyer' in Way2Order is the entity that places orders. There are 2 types of 'Buyers'

  • Managed by You
  • Self Managed

Buyers Managed by You

These include the buyers that you define yourself. Go to the 'Buyers' section & 'Add a New Buyer'. Enter in the 'Buyer Profile' data & their 'Shipping Details'. In the next step define the settings for these buyers & then click 'Save'.

These buyers do not have an independent account on Way2Order. They are simply contained within your 'Seller' account & you have to punch in orders for these buyers yourself.

Self Managed Buyers

These include the buyers that have signed up for Way2Order as a 'Buyer'. These 'Buyers' add you as a 'Supplier' by entering in your Way2Order App Code, send you a request to place orders & after your approval, they can place orders to you on their own. You only manage the settings for these buyers. You & your 'Sales Reps' can also punch in orders for these 'Buyers'.

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