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You can define settings for every buyer separately, whether those buyers are managed by you or are self managed. These setttings include

  • Price Tier
  • Territory
  • Visibility Tier
  • Minimum Order Value
  • Buyer ID
  • Way2Order App : Seamless B2B Ordering Platform

Price Tier

Way2Order supports multiple price tiers. You can define upto 25 different prices for every product (SKU). You can assign one of those prices to this 'Buyer'. Only the price you assign will be visible to this buyer.


Territories act as a connecting link between your Sales Reps and your Buyers. Territories also enable you view the breakup your orders based on the geographical region. When you assign a territory to a buyer, you link this buyer to all your Sales Reps who operate in that region. By linking this your Sales Reps are now kept in the loop and receive a notification whenever this buyer places or cancels an order.

Visibility Tier

Visibility Tier groups your products in different levels. For your buyer to be able to view a particular group of products, needs to have a visibility tier greater than or equal to the level assigned to that product group. The higher the visibility tier level assigned to a buyer, the more product groups he can view. For example, you have 20 products in Group A with a visibility tier level of 7 & 20 products in Group B with a visibility tier level of 5. If you assign a visibility tier of level 6 to your buyer, then he will only be able to view products in Group B where the visibility level is 5. He will not be able to view the products in Group A because the visibility tier level assigned to him is less than the visibility tier for Group A products.

Minimum Order Value

As the name suggests, imposes a check when this buyer places an order. If the order value is less than the minimum order value set for this buyer, the app prompts the buyer to add more item to the order cart & does not allow him to place order.

Buyer ID

This is the 'ObjectId' or 'Primary Key' for this buyer, as defined in your existing software or database. This value is used when you export orders as JSON or XML.

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