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Order Status tracks the stage at which every order is in the Way2Order Ordering Platform. The following Order Statuses are available

  • New
  • Confirmed
  • On-Hold
  • In-Process
  • Complete
  • Cancelled

When you receive a new order, the order status for that order is set to 'New'. 'New' Order Status can be changed to 'Confirmed', 'On-Hold' or 'In-Process' by processing every order individually or in bulk by using the Order Actions. 'New' order can also be cancelled.

Only 'New' orders can be cancelled by the 'Buyer'. If the order status is other than 'New', then the 'Buyer' cannot cancel that order from within the Way2Order app.

Only 'Confirmed' & 'In-Process' Orders can be completed.

Once the order has been marked as 'Complete' or 'Cancelled', no further editing can be done on these orders.

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