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'Buyer' in Way2Order is the entity that places orders. There are 2 types of 'Buyers'

  • Managed by You
  • Self Managed

Buyers Managed by You

These include the buyers that you define yourself. You go to the 'Buyers' section & 'Add a New Buyer'. Everytime you do this, the app prompts you that only you will be able to place orders for these buyers.

These buyers do not have an independent account on Way2Order. They are simply contained within your 'Seller' account & you have to punch in orders for these buyers yourself.

Way2Order encourages you to invite your 'Buyers' & sign up for Way2Order. You can use the above method for the 'Buyers' who do not opt for signing up for Way2Order. In this case the advantage of managing these buyers youself is that you can get accurate reports & can avoid data entry errors arising from handwritten orders.

Self Managed Buyers

These include the buyers that have signed up for Way2Order as a 'Buyer'. These 'Buyers' add you as a 'Supplier' by entering in your Way2Order App Code, send you a request to place orders & after your approval, they can place orders to you on their own. You only manage the settings for these buyers. You & your 'Sales Reps' can also punch in orders for these 'Buyers'.

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